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Newel Lewis Broadbridge Associates Limited (NLBA) has been providing a complete range of architectural services in Trinidad and Tobago and the Eastern Caribbean since 1946. Practicing formerly as the Partnership of Mence and Moore, the two founding partners Arthur Dadley Moore and Richard Mence, came to the Caribbean and opened offices in Trinidad, Guyana, and Barbados; with clients ranging from the business community, government agencies, along with various institutions, and private homeowners.

At NLBA, the current crop of directors represent the fourth generation of Architects operating out of Trinidad and in the Caribbean. The understanding of the social and environmental context has been based in one place over generations and has proven to be a stable resource in company’s service to their clients.

NLBA’s portfolio consists of almost all building types and projects that require architectural service. However, being an Architectural company in a developing country, the challenge is to economically survive within limited population densities, as such, the design ability and diversity of the company, has had to be enhanced


(L) Raul Poon Kong, (C) Ravi Ramkalawan, (R) Pauline Thomas

Like every industry, NLBA has felt the effects of the global economic crunch. However, in many ways they have been fortunate to still have some projects which have carried them through. “We are pretty good in planning and design, but we take a shine to projects that affect the social fabric and change the quality of life for its users. Such projects are the ones that make the effort in the profession worthwhile,” said Mr. Poon Kong

I guess we are always working, or thinking about work, refining, conceptualizing and planning. It’s more a vocation than a job,” added Poon Kong when asked about balancing life and practice. “Balance is important, so we certainly try to enjoy what we do,” he continued.

  (L) Office Building Down Town Port of Spain, Trinidad  

  (R) Cabildo Chambers, Ministry of Attorney General & Legal Affairs

NLBA’s contribution to green design is to implement a landscape of trees, natural ventilation, light and clean uncomplicated circulation; and while they may promote the solar and wind energy sources or low energy consumption components, the cost of the technology is not quite ready for mass usage.

Every summer NLBA brings on two or three interns to train in an effort to cultivate the work and experience of young professionals. The company believes in the importance of continuously seeking professional development, and promotes ongoing education to all staff.  The company’s policy is that everyone must elevate in the profession.

Although trends are nice, NLBA’s clients are looking for creative and innovative solutions to enhance their challenges. The firm works extensively across the Caribbean and has been approached for projects in Miami and Ghana


(L) Housing Community "The Greens"                                            

(R) Traditional Style Agricultural Bank Offices, Tobago 

NLBA Timeline

1973 – The Partnership of Mence and Moore changed its name to NLBA to reflect the new leadership of John Newel Lewis and Bernard Broadbridge.
1981 – The Practice changed from a Partnership to a Limited Liability Company
1984 – Raul Poon Kong joins the Firm (1984, was made an Associate in 1986 and a Director in 1988)
1988 – Newel Lewis Broadbridge Associates (West Indies) Ltd. was registered in St Lucia
2000 – Associates Pauline Thomas (joined in 1989) and Ravi Ramkalawan (joined in 1990) were introduced to the practice in Trinidad and Tobago
2010  Thomas and Ramkalawan were made Directors and currently run the company jointly with Raul Poon Kong

The Firm acknowledges its deep gratitude and appreciation of the contributions to the Practice and the Profession in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean of the late Arthur Dadley Moore (deceased 2000), the late Bernard M. Broadbridge (deceased 1984), the late John Newel Lewis (deceased 1991), and Claude Guillaume now located in St. Lucia.


(L) Twenty-Unit Resort Community, North Coast of Trinidad

(R) Ansa Mc Al Building housing the Canadian High Commission

Continuing education has been an important component of the practice at NLBA. Ravi Ramkalawan obtained his diploma of Architecture from Oxford Brooks in England, Pauline Thomas acquiring a Bachelor of Interior Architecture, Staffordshire University, U.K. and Raul Poon Kong, is completing (holds) a postgraduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of New England in Australia, after his first degree of Architecture at Howard University in Washington D.C.

Information by Raul Poon Kong

Edited by Janeen Ettienne

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