I am proud to be able to share the many levels of global designs with you in our online publication. Blacklines of Design’s re-launch has been successful in tapping into various design communities around the world. Our student corner encourages dialogue among schools and professionals. With the introduction of blogging capabilities, conversations and ideas can be shared to further enlighten our readers about featured projects. is not just a platform for design sharing, but also an avenue to showcase new and innovative building industry products, furniture, decorative concepts as well as artistic contributions living space.

In our publication, you will find a myriad of perspectives regarding the contemporary architectural market and trends. A strong international component ensures that geographically and culturally disparate communities can benefit from one another, and cross-cultural discourse is encouraged. We also invite diverse, emerging and established architects to submit material to Blacklines of Design Inc. for publication.

As the world seeks out new strategies in coping with today’s economic realities, and as consumers become more environmentally conscious, it is essential that today’s building designers find solutions that are economical, eco-friendly, and readily applicable.

Blacklines of Design Inc. continues to celebrate the global multi-disciplinary world of architecture and encourages you to showcase your projects, existing or proposed with us. We invite you advertise your trendy, innovative, eco-friendly products with our digital magazine as we continue to grow and reach the global community.


Blacklines of design online publication, has the potential to reach an unlimited populace. The global design magazine is available quarterly. Our international readership includes the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Philippines, Netherlands, Ghana,Venezuela, Japan, Belgium, Iraq, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Portugal, Israel, South Africa, South Korea Suriname, Guatemala, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and much more. Advertisers are encouraged to review the publication and be a part of the global trend. Make your technologically advanced and eco friendly products visible. You will find that your manufactured commodities will enrich our diasporas’ population.

MARKET SERVED serves a comprehensive global market segment of diverse architects & related designers, correlated business owners, academia, libraries, construction companies, building product companies, home owners and others.

EDITORIAL CALENDAR is a quarterly publication featuring architecture, interior design, construction and other related disciplines in the months of January » April » July » October »


All advertising material must be received one month prior to publication release to be included. All advertising must be approved in advance by Blacklines of Design Inc. Please note that publication title and topics are subject to change.

Sponsorship & full page rates are available upon request. Ads appearing on home page are subject to 50% markup for banners including Hotlink. For full rates email or call 347 392 1674


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Please submit JPEG, PDF, or links. All scans, photographs or graphics must be at least 300 dpi 133 line screen minimum. Other acceptable material for reproduction are camera-‐ready material. Only files smaller that 2 meg can be emailed or mail to our office. Advertisers and agencies will be held liable for all sums due and payable.


Architectural & business owners 30%
Others 10%
Female 60%
Male 40%

For full advertising rates Contact: Kathleen Ettienne
Phone: (347) 392-1674
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