When considering the technical definition of a Design, one might easily assume that fashion or home decor are the mediums through which a design professional would work. Indeed, clothing designers and interior decorators add many layers of beauty and intrigue to our daily lives.

And yet, Blacklines of Design Inc. understands that Design is much more than purveyors of style or elegance – designers are the unseen hands that shape our world.

From the graceful swirl of a protective umbrella to the stability of an antique desk or the whimsical flourish of a floral arrangement, designers have the power to take our deepest longings and give them form. The process of design begins long before the stage of physical production. A design starts with a thought, a desire, or simply a need. A mental construct develops and is contemplated and refined before finally being committed to paper.

Photo provided by Blacklines of Design

Once a physical record of the design has been created, a designers will seek out the raw materials that will eventually bring their creation into the wider world. Fabrics, dyes, color schemes, woods, varnishes, and other physical elements are explored in order to find the best choice for the emergent product. The design is then brought to a skilled craftsperson, such as a seamstress or carpenter, who will act as a channel through which the previous sketch can fully manifest.

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