Building Design

Building designers and architects are cut from the same cloth. The two often work in complementary, symbiotic relationships, and the difference lies in the focus of their respective approaches.

An architect may focus on classical architectural beauty or the experimental potential of a new project, while a building designer works with the goals of efficiency and practicality in mind. Building designers are the craft persons who augment and remodel homes, dormitories and other living spaces. They also attend to the practical and technical needs for commercial properties. The design needs of today are more complex than ever before.

As the world seeks out new strategies in coping with today’s economic realities, and as consumers become more environmentally conscious, it is essential that today’s building designers find solutions that are economical, eco-friendly, and readily applicable.

Photo Provided by Blacklines of Design

In anticipation of these needs, the online quarterly publication Blacklines of Design Inc. seeks to highlight the often undervalued work of diverse and developing architects and multi-disciplinary designers, including building designers. The benefits of our quarterly publication are multifaceted. By offering a platform from which diversity can contribute to the international design community, a greater spectrum of ideas and innovation can be incorporated into society’s collective reservoir of practical knowledge. And as contemporary innovations are explored, it is equally important to tap the wisdom of traditional forms of building design throughout the world’s cultures; an excellent example of this can be seen through the western interest in traditional Mongolian dome tents (yurts) which are now being used for housing in some rural areas of North America.

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