Architectural Design

Architectural Design

In the oldest surviving architectural text, “Da Architectura”, the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius wrote that building design and construction should be based upon the pillars of beauty, durability, and utility.

Indeed, when one thinks of architecture, what springs to mind is the beauty and grace of the ancient Roman coliseum built not long after the celebrated architect’s passing; one might also think of the magnificence of the Greek Parthenon or the soaring arches of Europe’s most beautiful cathedrals.

But to appreciate the true beauty and significance of humanity’s innate drive toward construction and design, it is essential that we take the full spectrum of our architectural heritage into account. Blacklines of Design Inc. seeks to further social evolution and enrichment through the promotion of diverse architects whose contributions might otherwise go unrecognized.

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Blacklines of Design Inc. is a US-based online quarterly publication founded by seasoned designer Kathleen Ettienne. As a trailblazing visionary who successfully battled both gender and racial discrimination in the U.S. as well as her native home of Trinidad, Ettienne saw a need for multi-cultural architects and designers of all kinds to have access to a platform from which they could more fully contribute to America’s architectural heritage. In today’s marketplace, it is critical that we learn to draw on all sources of engineering ingenuity if we are to meet the growing demands of our economic, ecological and social needs.

In our publication, you will find myriad perspectives regarding the contemporary architectural market and trends. A strong international component ensures that geographically and culturally disparate communities can benefit from one another, and cross-cultural discourse is encouraged. We also invite emerging and established diverse architects to submit material to Blacklines of Design Inc. for publication. If you are a diverse cultural architect who wishes to contribute or subscribe to our publication, or if you wish to donate a subscription to an academic institution or community, please visit our contact page for more information.